Volunteering is both a human opportunity and a social asset for development. It is simply a personal willingness of rendering selfless services to others or for a particular cause without being motivated by financial or material gain.

It is an engagement based on freewill, commitment and solidarity, with enormous potential to promote human and social development by supporting the delivery of socio-economic services, fostering reciprocity among people and contributing to social cohesion.

Voluntary action shares a general phenomenon that shows that it’s a virtuous cycle business that promotes the values of; “people helping people, and in the process, helping themselves.


There are numerous reasons why you may wish to volunteer with VADO, here are just a few:

  • Volunteering creates opportunity for on the job training and skills acquisition.
  • Volunteering creates multiple avenues for job creation and employment opportunities.
  • It is an avenue to realize your hidden personal potentials and to explore them.
  • An opportunity to innovate an aid program or development project in your own local community through volunteering grants.
  • Volunteer traveling opportunities both home and abroad.
  • Volunteering provides engagement platforms for leadership positions, participation and involvement in development systems and profitable public responsibilities.
  • Volunteering provides opportunities for networking, meeting people, having referrals or recommendations and building personal profile.
  • It provides you with opportunities to receive national recognition and reputable awards.
  • Also, voluntary work sometimes attract honorarium, stipends and compensation, but mostly at a much lower rate than could be received for the same work in a government or commercial organization, or with only reimbursement of expenses.

Growth comes in a variety of ways. Working together with youths, men and women with broad range of ideas and experiences can actually help you achieve the highest level of your career performance, and we expect you to share your knowledge, experiences and initiatives too in our online blog.

However, it is in our interest to nurture your growth and provide you with placements and basic auspices for your voluntary services to the nation.

In conclusion, VOLUNTEERISM proves that: “In every straining, there is a training; in every training, there is a learning; and in every learning, there is an earning”.

Thank You…

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