Volunteer Staffing System (VSS) is a workplace staff support initiative, which is mutually beneficial for both organizational and volunteers’ socio-economic development.

VADO encourages public and private establishments to integrate volunteerism into their managerial and administrative systems, as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in contributing to nation building through youth engagement.

Since young people who passionately wish to begin their working careers through volunteering are not paid salaries; it is therefore, significantly important to provide them with engagements that are worthwhile and rewarding. VADO is therefore committed to serve you in this recruitment capacity.


Reduction of Over-head Cost

This system of staff engagement is very beneficial in the area of reduction of over-head cost for your establishment. The volunteers, armed with appropriate orientation, mentorship and training will be invaluable in producing services that would ordinarily cost extra, if it were necessary to employ, train and manage a full staff.

Skill Availability

In VADO placements, we ensure that our volunteers possess the needed soft, vocational and professional skills required by the employer, before they are fully engaged for service.

Building of Corporate Public Image

Volunteerism has been internationally endorsed and recognized by the United Nations (UN) and the Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS). Therefore, adopting the volunteer staffing system in your workplace will keep any establishment on the good side of the Nigerian government and the international community at large.

Feasible for Cost Reduction on Fiscal Policies

Every workfare or allowance given to the volunteers will be tax-deductible as the Corporate Social Responsibility of the establishment will be quantified. There is also the advantage of the elimination, or at least reduction, of recruitment costs.

International Endorsements

Adopting this innovative staffing system will attract open service-partnership opportunities for any establishment and international development agencies, and as well endorsements that may attract internationally recognized awards and certificates attesting to your establishment, as a volunteer-friendly workplace.

Workforce Development

Adopting this workforce engagement strategy will improve your permanent staff performances, enhance collaborative approaches to problem-solving, boost productivity or wider service delivery and create new opportunities for service-partnerships with development agencies.

Managerial Prospects

With adequate role involvement and experiences acquired through on-the-job training; these ‘ordinary’ volunteers can evolve into invaluable managers and directors, eventually playing an important task in your establishment. Hence, VADO shall keep identifying managerial skills and abilities of these volunteers through our service-impact assessment tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity

By identifying to engage the unemployed in the society as volunteers, it gives your establishment the chance to make a difference in the lives of young people. It serves as a means of paying back to the society by reducing joblessness and providing platforms for youth engagement. This simply means that the workfare or benefits which you may consider for these volunteers will go a long way in strengthening their self-help endeavors.


Establishments / Service Recipients Requisition Form

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. In application,  we identify social problems and apply business acumen to resolve them. Instead of using a venture solely to make a profit, we aim at simultaneously impacting a society and regulating positive change through humanitarian strategies. The success of such an endeavor is, therefore, measured not just on the basis of balance sheets, but on the effect it has had on a community.

Our social entrepreneurship service model focus on transforming systems and practices that are the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration and accompanying loss of human dignity. In so doing, we create innovations by finding a new product, a new service, or a new approach to solve a social problem. In VADO, we work with enterprising young people who we empower through our partnering enterprise academy to provide start-up support, investors and linkages to resources. We believe in the application of entrepreneurial skills to achieve social benefits.




The Citizens Award Project (CAP) is an initiative of Voluntary Aid and Development Organization (VADO) set out to identify and reward Nigerian citizens who have distinguished themselves in their various career endeavors, through evidence-based services covering Innovation, Time-span, Reach, Impact and Sustainability. The objectives are to encourage patriotism amongst citizens, build profiles, and showcase citizen’s local input for global visibility.

CAP confers a Public Service Award (PSA) to citizens whose efforts have remarkably contributed to nation’s building in their individual vocations, workplaces and communities. VADO, being a service oriented Non-Governmental Organization has designed this initiative to promote public services, instill the culture of volunteerism and encourage Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) in Nigeria. 

CAP therefore operates a year-round open system of recognition, where the award is not trusted to citizens on the basis of age, tribe, gender, religion, disability and socio-economic status. VADO believes that every significant achievement from every Nigerian citizen should be identified and rewarded to inspire greater responsibility to achieve more for the common good of our nation.

The Citizens Award Project seeks for individuals who will nominate or refer exceptional services of Nigerian citizens, resident in the country with verifiable information about their work and social services to take advantage of this prestigious award; CAP is interested in documenting your services, projects and social innovations online for increased global visibility and support.

PSA Nomination Form



Paid professional roles will always be essential but we seem to undervalue the role of volunteers, service users and local communities; seeing them as simply consumers and not co-producers of great public services. In boosting citizen participation and volunteering in public services, we at VADO have developed a feasible service delivery approach to support our public and private establishments to integrate volunteerism into their administrative and managerial systems.

Volunteers provide ancillary services that an establishment could not otherwise have provided, whereas paid staff provide the core business of the establishment. Our Service Window strategy advocates for a shift to people-powered services across government establishments. To achieve this change, our political leaders and top public service officials must have the right tools and approaches to embed civic participation in service delivery models; whereby public services must shift to be delivered with people, not to people.

However, good examples of people-powered services far too often remain on the fringes, rather than as the norm. We need a large-scale cultural shift: a change in attitudes towards the role of public services and perceptions about how public services should be driven. VADO uses this initiative to secure and promote practical ideas and actions that could unleash the untapped developmental potentials amongst Nigerian youths, which could be acquired or contracted from the identified public service windows below to create additional service opportunities for Nigerian citizens.

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